Prestbury St. Mary's CofE Juniors, Cheltenham

  • Leaders are resolute in promoting a culture that focuses on the importance and enjoyment of education.
    -Ofsted 2016
  • The behaviour of the pupils is outstanding and truly reflects the commitment of the staff to live and work alongside learners so that all are inspired to give of their very best.
    -Ofsted 2016
  • Pupils do not want to waste any learning time, preferring instead to involve themselves with all aspects of school life.
    -SIAMS 2017
  • Teachers help you. It feels as if they are always right next to you and will help you with anything.
  • The teachers always encourage you to do your best.
  • 'The school has a fantastic staff team who are incredibly well led by the headteacher and the senior leadership team. The job they do is tremendous.'
  • My child has made tremendous progress because he feels valued.
  • St Mary's makes you feel that your child is special and individual.
  • The teachers always encourage you to do your best.
  • We work hard but we have fun, too!
Life at Prestbury St. Mary's CofE Juniors, Cheltenham Life at Prestbury St. Mary's CofE Juniors, Cheltenham Life at Prestbury St. Mary's CofE Juniors, Cheltenham Life at Prestbury St. Mary's CofE Juniors, Cheltenham Life at Prestbury St. Mary's CofE Juniors, Cheltenham


Welcome to Y4! This year group is taught by Mr Munn and Mrs Lunnon, supported by Mrs Brick and Mrs Attwood.

Below you can read our termly newsletter, catch up on letters home and take a peek at what the children have been learning. Ask your child to explain the exciting events they have participated in using our regularly updated new picture galleries….


Y4JM enjoy archery! See latest gallery (31 images)

Two teams from Y4JM had the exciting opportunity to take part in an archery tournament this term. The afternoon was split into two parts - one half with games and challenges and one half of competitive target shooting. The children were given plenty of expert coaching by the Deer Park Archers ‘ team and were expert shots by the end of the day. When the combined scores were totalled up, one of our teams even took the silver medal position. Go TEAM Prestbury!

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Y4JM visit Welsh Bicknor (226 images)

Year Four’s residential visit to Welsh Bicknor has once again been a highlight of the year. Our three days were packed from morning ‘til night with exciting adventures, fun activities, delicious food and brilliant team work! To support our Science work on Living Things and their Habitats, we became animal detectives searching for signs of wildlife. We also took time to explore our values of Peace through sensory activities in the woods and Creativity with a natural art project. A demanding hike took us up into glorious sunshine on top of the hill where we built some rather impressive shelters. Our evenings were filled with very enjoyable, if a little sticky, bread making and a well-earned movie night. We finished our visit with challenging teamwork games like the Giant Marble Run and an archery session, both brilliantly run by the YHA staff. There were many weary-looking, faces on the return journey, but every one of them was wearing a big smile.

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Y4CL visit to Welsh Bicknor (85 images)

After weeks (if not months!) of anticipation, Year 4 have taken part in a tremendous three- day residential visit to Welsh Bicknor. Our time was packed from morning to night with fantastic activities and experiences. Much of the learning during the visit supported this term’s Science work about Living Things. We had the chance to explore the forest habitat and search for the wildlife it supports, we then explored the local environment further with an adventurous hike and some very popular den building. Back at the Youth Hostel, the team took very good care of us with delicious food and fun activities like bread making. They also led us in a selection of challenges, from archery to a giant marble run, that put tough demands on our teamwork and communication. We came back, exhausted, muddy and full of wonderful memories of our time away together.

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Y4 create Roman Onagers! (52 images)

As part of their D&T work Year 4 have gone on the rampage with their very own Roman siege engines. The children found out all about Celtic King Caractacus’s escape to a well-fortified hill fort and designed their model weapons to effectively attack the enemy forces. Making the model onagers (a type of siege engine with a torsion-sprung lever that could fire huge boulders) required a lot of skills. The children learned to accurately measure, mark, saw and join wood. The project culminated with testing of the children’s final products; each class launched an all-out attack on model targets representing the runaway king in his hill fort.

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Y4 have an amazing time at Chedworth Roman Villa (83 images)

Our visit to Chedworth Roman Villa was divided into three fascinating parts. The excellent staff gave us a guided tour of the remains and helped us imagine our way back 2,000 years to when Chedworth was a busy, wealthy Roman residence. In the education centre, we became archaeologists, examining and sorting genuine Roman artefacts from the site - we even touched the fingerprints left in an ancient tile by a naughty Roman child! There was hard work, too, as we were temporarily ‘enslaved’ and taught to produce medicine bags for our Roman owners. It was amazing to find out about the Roman history of our own local area.

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