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Prestbury St Marys

Our Federation Vision

Our Vision is rooted in the scripture Ecclesiastes 4:9, which advocates that we are better together than we are on our own – “Two are better than one”.

We are guided by John 10:10 “I have come that you might have life; life in all its fullness.” 


We want the children within our school to flourish in all areas and relish the experience that we can offer. 

We believe the purpose of education is to nurture and enable every child to thrive and to be the person they are fully capable of being. 

 We provide a calm, purposeful environment which supports our pupils to become independent, successful learners with a clear desire to achieve. 

Our TEAM statement is underpinned by these two passages from the Bible.

“TEAM PRESTBURY - Working Together for Fullness of Life”

For us to achieve this vision we recognise the importance of working as a 'TEAM' across the Federation where all stakeholders work together to 'Try their best and Enjoy all aspects of school life in order to Achieve More and fulfil their potential'.

Our 'TEAM' motto underpins every aspect of school life and is key to ensuring high levels of motivation, creativity, enthusiasm and excitement in learning:

  • TRY - we strive to do our best and persevere especially when faced with a challenge.
  • ENJOY - we enjoy learning and have a positive attitude to our work and each other through showing respect, love, honesty and forgiveness.
  • ACHIEVE - by working hard we make progress and achieve the goals that we set for ourselves taking responsibility for our learning and achievement.
  • MORE - we are ambitious, creative and are always looking for ways to improve making sure that everything we do is underpinned by our Core Christian Values.

Our Mission

The Prestbury St. Mary’s Federation provides an exciting and creative curriculum underpinned by our core Christian values. St. Mary’s is an inclusive community where children and adults work as a team that enables all to flourish.

Our Aims

We seek to encourage Christian standards and values through the quality of experiences that we provide for our pupils, rooted in the Church of England Vision for Education:


To maintain the school as a centre of excellence which is viable, visionary and friendly, where pupils can develop good foundation skills and learning habits.


We reach out to our local, national and global communities so that the children are given the confidence to be courageous advocates for change.


As a Church Aided school we see ourselves as a vital part of the community we serve; we intend to develop a sense of community with an awareness of responsibility to others within the village and further afield.


To further develop interpersonal relationships and a sense of self-worth so that our children progress to the next stage of education as confident, sensitive and competent young people who value difference.

The Prestbury St Mary’s Federation has, as part of its School Development Plan, sought to embed the Diocesan Life vision in our own headline priorities of TRY, ENJOY, ACHIEVE, MORE (TEAM Prestbury).


Our schools are committed to welcoming our lay and ordained leaders into church for services and festivals. We aim to support them as they seek to communicate the Christian message to our children in relevant, age-appropriate ways. In turn, we seek to develop their message in the classroom, and in our daily lives at school, improving our quality of teaching, and increasing opportunities for the children to examine their faith (MORE).


We embrace the Diocese’s vision to place schools at the heart of its mission, and to develop creative connections between churches and schools. Our visits from the Open the Book team, and initiatives such as iSingPOP connect powerfully with our school family, and inspire and motivate children and adults alike (ENJOY). We support new and exciting ways to worship in different places, including our school hall, grounds and other community buildings, aiming to connect with as many families and neighbours as we can.


We are committed to providing opportunities for children to grow spiritually – individually and together. Each classroom has quiet areas for worship where children are encouraged to think and discover how prayer and reflection can help strengthen them in their daily life (TRY). Collective worship in class and as a school gives children the opportunity to demonstrate our school values and share their stories (ACHIEVE).


Our schools seek to encourage the children to be champions of initiatives that make our world a better place. Through our eco-committee and allotment, the children proactively support environmental issues, and develop respect for God’s creation. Our services and festivals – open to families, friends and neighbours – are filled with art, music and dance in our celebration of creativity in all its wonder (ENJOY).