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Prestbury St Marys

Absence and Medical Arrangements


If your child is unable to attend school please telephone the school before 9.00 a.m.  No explanation or an unsatisfactory explanation may result in it being recorded as "unauthorised" i.e. truancy.  If you wish your child to leave the school for any reason during the school day, you must come to the school office to collect him or her.

Please see Attendance Policy for further details.

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN MY CHILD IS ILL?                     

Please keep your child at home if he or she is ill. Please telephone us before 9.00am on each day of absence and send a note on your child’s return for our records. If your child is taken ill during the day we will contact you to make arrangements for them to go home. If your child is unwell and has been sick, we ask that you follow the '48 hour' medical advice and keep your child at home for a couple of days before sending them back to school.

Please ensure that we have an up-to-date emergency contact telephone number, with an alternative address to go to if we are unable to contact you.

If your child has a individual Health Care Plan or requires prescribed medicine during the day, a ‘Request for pupil to have medication in school' form must be completed.  Medicine must be supplied in a suitable named, tamper-proof container and will be kept in the School Office.

It is the parents’ duty to ensure that all pupils who have asthma have a spare, named, up-to-date inhaler kept in school as well as an inhaler that the pupil keeps with them.

Head lice are an increasing problem in all schools. If your child has head lice, the current recommended treatment is the conditioner and comb method. Please check your child’s head regularly and at least once a week.

Shoulder length hair should always be tied back for all school activities for health and safety reasons.