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Prestbury St Marys

The Prestbury Learner

The curriculum at Prestbury St Mary’s Federation is designed with ‘The Prestbury Learner’ at its core. We use the distinctiveness of each subject to develop the qualities children need to succeed and to support lifelong learning.  We know our pupils - their aspirations, their interests, and with this in mind we have designed an innovative, exciting curriculum that will allow the Prestbury Learner to shine and reach their full potential. It provides opportunities for children to develop as independent, confident and successful learners, with high aspirations, who know how to make a positive contribution to their community and the wider society.


Once embedded, The 'Prestbury Learner' will be owned by the children, the teachers and the parents - through it, the children will learn more about themselves as learners, how they relate to others and the skills needed to function successfully as a team and how to manage their learning.



There are three key aspects to The Prestbury Learner.

Each child is a Prestbury Learner because she/he is learning to:


I’m not afraid of making mistakes

I can ‘bounce back’ and keep going

I can laugh at myself if something is light-hearted

I don’t dwell or worry about things that I can’t change



I listen to others

I speak clearly

I look at the person I am speaking to



I am positive in a team

I help others to succeed

I make everyone feel welcome

I listen and respect everyone’s ideas

Taking part is more important than winning


Throughout our teaching and learning, the Prestbury Learner is continuing to be embedded. During each lesson, children are reminded about the skills needed to be a Prestbury Learner and teachers support children on their learning journey.